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Wool traders since 1660
Ovine skins Traders and Processors since 1862
Established in Australia since 1956

The name RIVES appears for the first time in the “Merchants Register” of Mazamet since 1660.

From 1754 until 1868 the history of the RIVES family is tightly linked to the Mazamet Industry, cradle and origin of the wool spinning industry. This later was supplanted by the “Fellmongering” Industry following a revolutionary process invented in 1851. Quickly Mr. Andre Rives saw the opportunity to expend the local trade towards the European markets. To insure the large quantity and the quality of raw Ovine skins required to satisfy this bourgeoning activity it became obvious that RIVES had to go to the source.

In 1956 Mr. Roger Cazenave takes the decision to open the first purchasing center in Melbourne. This is followed by several centers based in the main States.

In 1980 after Australia it is in France that RIVES will start its French Ovine skins and wool purchasing with the first center in the Aveyron.

In 1985 death of Mr. Andre Rives. The company passes to Mr. Roger Cazenave.

In 2007 a new section was created. The object being the commercialization of finished Ovine and Bovine skins for the European market.

In 2009 Rives becomes the Service Operator for the PNG group. Rives treats, grade and stock, ready for export, the Ovine skin production of this Group.

In 2011 acquisition of the company RIVES by Christian and Denis CAZENAVE, creation of RIVES SAS.

Today RIVES Australia treats 3 000 000 Ovine skins yearly of which 90% is exported.
Rives France has an annual production of 2 700 000 Ovine, Rabbits and Goat skins and 90% is exported.

These investments at the source of the raw material allow RIVES to supply the best quality direct from the point of supply. This cooperation from the beginning to the final delivery of the raw material or the finished skin has earned Rives a world reputation.

In all these developments it is vital to point out the dedication of all the Rives personnel in France and in Australia who have enthousiastically espoused each step.
In 2012: RIVES SAS launches its own brand on products Made in Franc: RIVES 1862

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Rives SAS France

19, bd de Lattre de Tassigny



Phone : +33(0)5 63 61 36 01

Fax : +33 (0)5 63 98 63 56

Website : www.rives-sa.com

Adresse Postale :

BP 40


Managing Director : Denis CAZENAVE
Email : denisc@rives1862.fr

Sales Manager raw material : Jean-Marie COUSINIE
Email : jean-mariec@rives1862.fr

Sales Manager finished products : Fabrice CAUQUIL
Email : fabricec@rives1862.fr


In early 1950 Philippe RIVES SA decides to establish its presence in Australia, principal producer of sheepskins.

Roger Cazenave, following a long study trip in Australia and South Africa, chooses Australia where the social and economical conditions appear to be much more related to the philosophy of the French enterprise.

Guy Pascal becomes the Managing Director and Philippe RIVES P/L begins in Melbourne ( Laverton) in 1956. Its mission being the purchase of sheep and lamb skins. Two additional facilities will follow quickly : Sydney ( New South Wales) and Adelaïde (South Australia). The expansion of Philippe Rives P/L continues with the opening of two regional centers, one in North Victoria and the second in Western NSW.

With the opening of Fremantle ( Western Australia), Philippe RIVES P/L has become in less than 20 years one of the principal actors in the wool on sheepskin industry and has spread over the totality of this vast territory.

Jean-Pierre Azemat follows Guy Pascal in his role of Managing Director in 1992. The Australian company has now overtaken the original mission of a simple buying post for Philippe Rives SA and has become the major exporter of Australian sheep and lambskins to Europe ( Spain, Russia, Italy, Turkey) and Asia ( China, Japan, New-Zealand, Thailand).

The Australian enterprise continues to this day, with Christian Cazenave and Hans Ruemelin, the long established tradition of service and quality established by their predecessors.

Having become the principal exporter of Australian sheep and lambskins to China and one of the principal lambskin exporter to Russia, Philippe Rives’ Mazamet tradition is not lost and flourishes in this day of globalization.

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Philippe RIVES Pty Ltd




Phone: +61 (0)3 9369 1322

Fax: +61 (0)3 9369 5209

Email: info@rivskin.com

Website: www.rives-sa.com

Postal Address:

GPO Box 14044



Managing Director: Christian Cazenave

General Manager: Hans Ruemelin